Saturday, December 5, 2009

Factors in online environments

The 30 most important factors in managing and moderating the online learning environment in order of priority

1. To have trained and knowledgeable teachers on the use of new technologies
2. To have clear policies on the copyright and use of sofwares
3. To make sure if the students know the system management
4. To plan the activities in advanced
5. To have clear guidelines to work
6. To give the deadlines clearly
7. To give clear objectives for each one of the activities
8. To provide a weekly agenda
9. To give students a reasonable amount of homework
10. To provide variety of activities
11. To provide variety of sources and resources
12. To let the students work autonomously
13. To respect students’ ideas and tutor’s suggestions
14. To promote teamwork
15. To facilitate discussion
16. To ask for work where the students will develop critical thinking
17. To provide examples or models on how to do homework
18. To assign specific duties to students to hold a forum or discussion
19. To work with nettiquete rules
20. To To provide a feedback on time
21. To provide opportunites to make corrections
22. To promote a friendly and nice online environment
23. To provide opportunities for individual work
24. To promote students’ peer correction
25. To promote tolerance and pacience for forums or discussions
26. To guide the students’ answers if they are wrong
27. To call for technological help when necessary to check the equipment
28. To create an space for free participation
29. To motivate the students
30. To provide activities according to the students’ needs and interests.

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