Saturday, December 5, 2009

Categories of learning


The Master’s program at La Sabana University has given me too much knowledge about e-learning. At the beginning of the course; we learnt how to work with the Moodle by sending and receiving information from our tutors and classmates. Later on, the course program had several subjects where I had the opportunity to learn how to apply different sources and resources that I could find on the net.

Informal Learning

Every day, I search for information on Internet for my classes and for my Master’s course at the University. On the net we find plenty of materials, links and sources that I use for professional and personal benefits.

Blended Learning

At La Sabana University I have the chance to have this type of e-learning. We have face to face sessions and virtual classes. Since the second semester we have been taking this type of e-learning with subjects such as: Learning Resource center I, II, Language and content, Autonomy learning, and virtual environments. These different opportunities allowed me to develop other skills on how to manipulate the different tools in the computer, sources to work in the net and especially to learn how to applied all these resources in our classes


The e-learning community where I have participated is at La Sabana University. My classmates and I learn and help one another, we communicate through the Skype, e-mail, moodle and messenger in order to solve a problem, have an academic discussion and share information. We are both a team work and a community.

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